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Interview with Contemporary Artist: Madine

Here it is, the moment many of you were waiting: the interview of the month. This month I talked to French artist Madine. I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed preparing the interview.

When was your first contact with art?

Certainly, at the same time as my first contact with nature.

Who introduced you to art?

People who gave me a pen…

When you knew that you wanted to become an artist?

When I was young, never I thought that being an artist could be a job. Now, I’m hoping one day I could live with this activity in full time.

Who encouraged you to pursue an artistic career?

The entourage can be a good engine to have the self-confidence and to continue to create, I’ m talking about my family and my friends. Then, collectors and art lovers.

You are a self-taught artist, but is it true that before being an artist you worked in management? When have you decided to make the change?

At 33 years old I felt something was missing in my life, something fundamental. It was stronger than me and every morning I woke up with this desire to create. I had to create. So to immerse myself in a creative universe, I decided to enroll in a architecture school. So I was able to reconnect with my creativity and had the inspiration to create contemporary paintings. Then, for now I’m studing at the University Paris la Sorbonne.

Since the drawing was the first art language in your life, is it still present in your work?

It’s true that I really liked to draw during my childhood. It was like a creative process. I have as much fun drawing as painting or making sculptures, it’s creation that interests me regardless of the medium.

How do you decide the theme of the portraits?

At the beginning, I just wanted to create a painting for my family, I was thinking of something new and the idea of ​​hands came to me. It was by observing my artwork, that I understood when taking inspiration from a person, we could represent her or create something in their image by using this process with hands.

What is the importance of the hands in your work? Are they a symbol?

Hands are the voice of the soul. Human express himself a lot with hands. We create and live with our hands, we do everything with hands.  If you’re looking the hands of people, you will get information about the age, the job, the past, the life condition. Then, many emotions can put through the hands.

Since the hands in your portraits are yours, would you say that in some way they are self-portraits?

When I’m doing a portrait, I‘m making it according my feelings and the information that the person gives tome (unconsciously or consciously ). There is much from the person and naturally a bit from me too…

Where do you find inspiration?

Observing the people in my work was very interesting.  Also the search for authenticity is  something more and more important, people tries to reconnect to themselves and give meaning to their lives. I work on authenticity and my creative work can help to make sense. An unique work for an unique person, we go a little further in representation. A real portrait of the person is not only showing her qualities, but it’s a mix between her past- present -future. Are you ready to look at yourself in the mirror? If yes, be proud to be who you are even with your weakness. Knowing who we are can be the beginning of a new life and happiness.

How would you describe your creative process?

I’m working on minimalism, I love it. The challenge is to reduce to the minimum and to show the maximum. Sometime, less information you give, more the message is strong. Then, when the artwork is completed, it’s like it belongs to the world. It’s existing by its own.

Do you have a favorite among your works?

Yes, as always, the next one … 😊 

In the last years (2019 and 2020) you have participated in group exhibitions, and what about 2022?

I did a group exhibition in Paris in October 2021. For now, I concentrate on my work and on the personal order. Then, I’m preparing a diploma in art at l’Ecole d’Art de la Sorbonne in Paris.

And do you have plans for a solo exhibition soon?

Yes I do, just need to find time for it !

What are you currently working on?

I’m working on personal orders, then a work that’s talking about the relationship between our dreams and our life …

Has the pandemic affected your work? How?

I realized during the pandemic the limit of the mundialization, in general and for art as well. I concentrated my work around my area instead abroad.  

For further information on Madine’s work:

All the images were kindly provided by the artist.