Welcome to Women‘n Art, a website committed to the role of women in the arts and culture!

Many people can’t even name five women artists, our gender have been put aside by history, making us forget the achievements of many talented artists. Curiously when you enter in a museum you can see many paintings and sculptures of women nudity, but in general are work of male artists.

I am Natasha Moura, an art blogger, writer, educator and cultural manager. I have always been an art lover and as a woman, I have always asked why in the museums we cannot easily find works by female artists.

Due to a personal need to study and research about the women who dared to become artists as well as to the difficulties I faced (and face every day) to find reliable information I decided to create Women’n Art, with the aim of make information about women artists more accessible for those who want it.

Here you will find not only women artists, their histories and works, you’ll also find information about those who made contributions to the art world, information on artistic subjects in which women are the protagonists or have a relevant role, as well as the problems faced by women to become professional artists throughout the History of Art.

The main objective is to promote women in visual arts, however, from time to time we will highlight the work of other talented women who have developed their work in other artistic fields such as music or literature.

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