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ArtReview: Berthe Morisot (The Film)

If you are a lover of Impressionist art or curious about the life of the artists, this post is for you. Recently, I watched a film based on the life of Berthe Morisot, she was one of the most important painters of the movement and she is one of my favourite artists.

It is a 2012 French film directed by Caroline Champetier and broadcasted for the first time in February 16 of 2013 on France 3. Starring Marine Delterne as Berthe Morisot and Malik Zidi as Édouard Manet. The film shows how the young Berthe tries to achieve her place as a professional painter.

The story begins in 1865, when at the age of 24 and living with her parents Morisot met the already famous painter Édouard Manet. Her desires of becoming a famous painter are very clear as well as the disapproval of her parents who have very different ideas for her future.

The film presents her obsession with painting, but the centre of the story is her relationship with Manet, and how their relationship influences her art. Their friendship, and important moments such as when he portraited her in Le balcon which is one of his most famous works. The film presents the young Berthe not only as one of Manet’s muses, but as an avid admirer of his work, she wishes to learn from him and to receive his artistic recognition. The film implies a possible love attraction between them that never materialised.

The film ends when Eugène Manet, Édouard’s brother, propose to her; and with the success of her painting Le berceau in the first exhibition with the Impressionists. Also, the environments and scenes in the film seem taken from her paintings.

It is a fantastic opportunity to approach Morisot’s life and work.

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