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Discovering Mme Morisot

Today I want to share with you a moment that was really important in my life. The story of how this blog started.

Years ago, in my first visit to Thyssen Museum I saw a painting that changed the way I see art. I have always loved art, all types and styles (opera, music, dance, literature, sculpture, painting, architecture… everything). That day, I saw a painting that made me feel a mix of feelings and sensations hard to describe. It was an impressionist painting, the portrait of a woman staring her reflection in a mirror. So poetic and intimate… I remember that I immediately felt identified with that woman. The painting had very good technique, it was clear that it was from a very skilled artist, I thought it could be a Monet, even though he preferred outdoors paintings, it could be a Renoir or Sisley, maybe Pissarro… and then I looked to the name at the bottom and what was my surprise when I discovered it was by a woman: Berthe Morisot.

I can remember that the first thing I thought was: Why I never heard anything about her? How could it be possible?

The Psyche Mirror – 1876 (Photo credit – wikimedia commons)

The painting is called The psyche mirror or The cheval glass.

Since then I started to visit museums in a different way. Also, I started to read and see the history of art since a much more feminist perspective. I can tell you that day I made the first step towards this blog. I never forget the emotion I felt the first moment I saw this painting, and every time I go to Thyssen museum and see it again the emotion is the same. Maybe now it’s even bigger because now I know more about Madame Morisot, and my admiration increases with any new discover I made about her and about each woman artist I found since then.

Because of this she is so important to me. That’s the reason why I chosen two painting of her as images of the blog. Because she is the mean reason why I started to study art from a genre approach.

My last visit to Thyssen Museum. Photo credit: Natasha Moura.


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    1. I love this portrait by Manet, it’s so beautiful! Thank you very much for your kind words. I hope you keep enjoying the blog.


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