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ArtNews: Women Artists’ exhibitions and the pandemic

This year we were expecting some great exhibitions on Women Artists, or at least I was, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic most of them were cancelled or postponed, some started few days before the museum’s closure due to the lockdown.

Just few days ago, the Royal Academy of London communicate that will have some changes on the upcoming exhibitions. The institution was organising two major exhibitions of women artists: Angelica Kauffmann and Marina Abramović. They decided to postpone Abramović’s exhibition until autumn 2021, while Kauffmann’s was cancelled.  

In Spanish museums and foundations, the situation is very similar. For instance, the Museo del Prado was preparing the exhibition Uninvited Guests. Episodes on Women, Ideology and the Visual Arts in Spain (1833-1931), about the role of women on the Spanish art system during the 19th and early 20th centuries, would start on March 30, but it was not possible since the lockdown in Spain began on March 14. According to the museum there will be changes on the schedule and the new dates will be announced as soon as possible. Other example is the exhibition You don’t hear me of the Indian artist Nalini Malini at the Fundación Miró in Barcelona starting on March 20 of which there is no information about changes on the dates.

Lygia Clark
(Photo credit: Pinterest)

Other museums, such as Guggenheim Bilbao had no better luck, the monographic exhibition on the work of Brazilian Lygia Clark opened on March 6, only one week before the national lockdown, there is no information about changes on the dates.

And, of course, the most expected exhibition of this year is, or was, Artemisia Gentileschi at the National Gallery of London. The exhibition was postponed but according to the National Gallery’s web the dates will be announced as soon as possible.

Self-portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria by Artemisia Gentileschi
(Photo credit: WikiArt)

Unfortunately, we are living a very delicate moment, facing an invisible enemy. In the last few months, our lives and our habits have been forced to change. Our entire world has changed. I hope to be able to give you good news shortly, such as the reopening of museums and the new dates of the exhibitions, not only because this is the purpose of this blog, but mainly because this will mean that we are managing to recover, even if it is little by little, our normal life. For now, continue to follow the recommendations of authorities, stay safe.