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ArtNews: Recognition of a new Anguissola

Last Thursday, June 14th, the Museo del Prado confirmed through social networks (a live story on Instagram) that in the next few days will change the artwork label of the Elisabeth of Valois holding a portrait of Philip II to erase the attributed to that precedes the name of its author Sofonisba Anguissola.

elisabeth of valois holding a portrait of philip II
Elisabeth of Valois holding a portrait of Philip II – Museo del Prado

There is already so much information, so much technical data, so much general agreement among those of us who dedicate ourselves to the portrait of the court that it is no longer appropriate to put the attribution on it but affirm with forcefulness that it is a work of Sofonisba Anguissola” said Leticia Ruiz, curator of the Museo del Prado, in a live show on Instagram last Thursday.

Detail: Elisabeth of Valois holding a portrait of Philip II – Museo del Prado

This is not the first time that the museum repairs an injustice to this painter. The Portrait of Philip II that now bears her name was thought to be a work of Juan Pantoja de la Cruz for centuries, and when in 1990 the museum organized an exhibition on portraits in the court of Philip II, the institution recognized the painting as a work of Anguissola.

She’s the first woman to have her work exhibited in the Museo del Prado, the most important museum of Spain, which is the institution that has more works by Anguissola. Since the 20th century her name has being rescued from the oblivion. With this new attribution one more step is taken in the historical repair of this magnificent painter, who was a model of aristocratic and virtuous lady of her time.

The Museo del Prado is preparing for next year the exhibitionon the occasion of its bicentenary: “Sofonisba Anguissola – Lavinia Fontana. Two models of women artists” .


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