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Interview with Contemporary Artist: Sónia Sultuane

Hi everyone, this month I had the pleasure to interview and get to know a bit more about Mozambican poet and visual artist Sónia Sultuane. It was a complete delight, and I hope you enjoy the reading! Sónia Sultuane and "Walking Words" Do you remember when was your first contact with art? I think that… Continue reading Interview with Contemporary Artist: Sónia Sultuane

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Who was Elizabeth Siddal?

Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal, better known as Lizzie Siddal, was an English poet and painter, however she is better known for being the model of famous paintings of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, such as Ophelia by Millais. Self-portrait by Lizzie Siddal in 1854 Siddal was named after her mother. Her parents were Charles Crooke Siddal and Elizabeth… Continue reading Who was Elizabeth Siddal?

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Who was Sappho?

Sappho is one of the most famous poets of ancient Greece, despite the little information we have of her life, it is believed that she lived in the 6th century BC. Her poems about love and desire have influenced the history of our poetry, some scholars believed that is impossible to express love without Sappho’s… Continue reading Who was Sappho?