Die Hexe by Mila von Luttich

Die Hexe, The Witch in English, is an illustration by Mila von Luttich for Die Muskete (no. 790, 1920), which was a humorous weekly magazine that was published every Thursday in Vienna from 1905 to 1941. The main characteristic of the illustration is its simplicity, von Luttich used just few colours, what is a feature… Continue reading Die Hexe by Mila von Luttich

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It’s Halloween!

Today many people will celebrate one of the most famous holidays of our modern calendar: Halloween. A holiday that has aroused interest since its origin and which symbols include religious references of Christian and ancient pagan cults, as well as from Gothic literature. Its symbology is easily found in art: paintings, books, films, etc. Origin… Continue reading It’s Halloween!