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The Lady of Carnival

Carnival is coming, it's a very popular party all over the world, celebrated in different ways. Today I want to talk about the story of a woman who has forever changed the carnival of her country, Brazil. Francisca Edwiges Neves Gonzaga, or as she’s better known Chiquinha Gonzaga, was a Brazilian composer, pianist and the… Continue reading The Lady of Carnival

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On this day… was born Germaine Tailleferre

Germaine Tailleferre was born on April 19, 1892. She was a French composer and the only female member of a group of composers known as Les six. She was born as Marcelle Taillefesse, but when she became a young woman she decided to change her name to “Tailleferre” to spite her father, who refused to… Continue reading On this day… was born Germaine Tailleferre