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Who is Daniella Batsheva?

Daniella Batsheva is a contemporary illustrator, the aesthetics of her art mixes details of the Victorian era, dark gothic imagery, and inspiration on horror films. Her art is in the line between underground and mainstream, with softly stylised figures and deep colours.

Style and Influences


Batsheva’s art have its root in the 19th century, but its focus is on modernity. Her work is influenced by French Art Nouveau, such as the posters by Louis Theophile Hingre, or the Irish stained glass artist Harry Clark, Aubrey Beardsley, Gustave Klimt, and the French portraitist Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun, the watercolourist Eleanor Vere Boyle. Her work is also influenced by contemporary artists such as the Italian cartoonist Nadir Quinto, Japanese manga artist Junji Ito, and American painter Camille Rose Garcia, among others.

Her fascination for horror themes started when she was still just a kid. During her childhood, she always felt interested in films with macabre touches such as monsters, unexplained situations or that defy the logic. But to pursue the things she likes was a bit difficult since she was repeatedly discouraged from researching about horror.

Tuffnell Park

Batsheva studied illustration at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, after college she moved to Los Angeles and lived there for 10 years, there she found her artistic voice and her professional career began to take off, she was one of the artists firmly established among the horror community.

An important part of her artistic/creative process is the symbiosis between art and music. For her, music is a vital part of creating a visual piece. She feels that music sets up the vibe she needs, that it fills the environment with an energy that helps her to create. According to her, each one of her pieces has a specific soundtrack. That is the reason why she has done many music projects and collaborations with musicians. She is the first-ever female Lead Illustrator for Kerrang! a storied UK alternative culture brand.

She also designed product packing for Pizza Girl sauce, trophy design for horror film festivals, book covers, advertisements and more. To design everyday objects has a great value for her, she thinks that is help people to be surrounded by beautiful, and artistic details, making everyday life special. She declares: “I want to create art so that I can contribute something beautiful. I want to have a positive impact on my surroundings. I want to create pieces that make everyday life more visually stimulating, more fun.”


Batsheva by Batsheva

When asked about her work she defined herself as an “illustrator with a design habit”. In her own words:

“Making art is very much a compulsion for me. I can’t function without creating. Art provides a way that I sort my own thoughts and feelings, so it’s something that is absolutely necessary for me. The selfish side of me creates so that I can share a timeline of my life experiences by sharing the things that I find to be most beautiful. The other side of me creates because I have always felt a lack of art and visual stimulation in my surroundings, so it is necessary to contribute towards helping to beautify the world”.

Good night

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