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Interview with Contemporary Artist: Sabine Pigalle

Continuing with the series of interviews with contemporary artists, this month I had the pleasure to talk with the visual artist Sabine Pigalle. I hope you enjoy the reading!

Do you remember when was your first contact with art? I saw a Monet painting « les coquelicots » when I was about 9 years old, it mesmerized me.

Did you always know that you wanted to become an artist? As a child, I wanted to become wether a nun, or a poet.

Who encouraged you to pursue an artistic career? Nobody

What artists inspired you when you were young? And today? It is such a long and eclectic list to be mentioned, I could say all of them if I wanted to be close to reality.

You studied Modern Languages at the Paris Sorbonne. When did you note that you want to change your career? Do these studies influence your work somehow? Yes of course, each step is part of the process of « becoming who you are » in life

There are several references to mythology, heritage and collective memory in your work, can you explain us why? I like to refer to our societies structural basis, collective memory and artistic DNA

Your work has been considered transversal, especially because you combine paintings and photographs, as well as ancient and contemporary art, figuration and abstraction. Do you agree with this definition? And how did you come up with the idea of unifying them? Yes I agree, why not ? This could be a kind of suitable definition

How would you explain the importance of the portraiture and of the archetypes in your work? I don’t explain

Where do you find inspiration? Whatever I see, read or hear could become a source of

How would you describe your creative process? Find the path while doing

Do you have a favourite among your work? Certainly not, unless the one to come.

What are you currently working on? Short films about old paintings getting destructed by melting in ridiculous distorsions.

For further information on Sabine’s work:

All the images were kindly provided by the artist.