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Caterina Notte’s Exhibitions

Hi there, today I come with spectacular news to you!

You must remember the photographer Caterina Notte, our first guest in the section of interviews with contemporary artists. She is presenting her work in some exhibitions around the world, an amazing possibility to see her work closer.

Until the 30th September, you can see her works at the international exhibition Antonyms. This exhibition is organised by Whywhyart at the Department of Culture and Education of the German General Consulate in Shanghai.

predator series

The 10th September she has a duo exhibition in Verona at the art gallery Artantide. This exhibition is part of the project Re-Genesis, curated by Sandro Orlandi Stagi. In this show, Notte Presents 17 works of the predator series.

On the 15th September starts her solo exhibition at the Civico Museo Setificio Monti. This exhibition is curated by Ambra Patarini. In this show Notte presents a particular work in which she used an innovative technology for a better environment, printing it on a special canvas that purifies the air. This special canvas is an innovative patented fabric designed to absorb and disaggregate harmful particles present in the air, called theBreath®, that aims to define an alliance against air pollution and be a link between aesthetic and technology. The work printed with this technology is part of the predator series and at the same time it is the beginning of a new cycle dedicated to ecology.

predator series

Also, the visitors of both exhibitions in Italy will be able to buy a printed book created by the artist, in which she included some quotes of her interviews.

And if you want to remember her participation on our series with contemporary artists, here is Caterina’s interview.

Predator series


All images were kindly provided by the artist.