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ArtNews: Painting of Tarsila do Amaral go on sale

Brazilian Justice determines the sale of Tarsila do Amaral’s painting for R$42,5 million (around €7 million or $7,88 million) in cash. The painting belonged to a bankrupt businessman who is involved in a political scandal in the country. It was confiscated by Brazilian Justice, as well as other assets, to go on sale in order to minimize the debts.

The painting in question is A caipirinha and it will go on sale in the coming weeks for the price of R$ 42.5 million, according to the judge the payment must be made in cash. This canvas is considered as an icon of Brazilian modernism. It was painted in 1923, just a year after the Modern Art Week.

A Caipirinha by Tarsila do Amaral, 1923

The expert responsible for the evaluation of the canvas informed that it is in good condition and that it is valued at R$ 42.5 million. However, the painting has undergone a process of lining, which is the application of a new canvas on the back of the original. This process could have hidden some important information of the painting such as manuscript dedications.

In 1923, the year in which the canvas was created, Tarsila spent few months in Paris with Oswald de Andrade, who was at that time her boyfriend. In a letter she wrote to her family then, she said:

In art, I want to be the bumpkin girl of São Bernardo, playing with shrubbery dolls, as in the painting I am working now”.

The painting Tarsila was talking about was A caipirinha, or in English “the bumpkin girl”.


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