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Who is Jingna Zhang?

Jingna Zhang is one of my favourite contemporary photographers. She has a unique style in which she combines fantasy and painting, since her work is very influenced by Asian aesthetics as well as by western art. She is a fashion and a fine art photographer based in New York, however she was born in Beijing and raised in Singapore.

Fashion and Fine Art Photography

Zhang’s fashion photographs appeared in several of the most important fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar; and among her clients are Lancôme and Mercedes Benz.

Her first solo exhibition was held at The Arts House in Singapore, it was called Something Beautiful. Two years later, 50 of her works were showcased along Orchard Road during Singapore’s Fashion Festival. It was the first large scale street exhibition featuring fashion photography in Singapore. In the same year she announced her second solo exhibition called Angel Dreams that was held at Japan Creative Center in Singapore, the exhibition had the support of Japan’s Embassy.

Zhang’s fashion and fine art photographs are connected, that is to say, in her fine art’s photographs it is easy to see the influence of fashion, and in her fashion photographs we can see influences of fine arts.

Her work is very influenced by the aesthetics of Pre-Raphaelite painting and Japanese anime. We can see clearly the influence of artists such as John William Waterhouse, Zdzisław Beksiński, Yoshitaka Amano and fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh.

Photograph of Motherland Chronicles by Jingna Zhang

All these influences were combined in her 2013’s project called Motherland Chronicles, in which she explored subjects of her childhood as anime, manga and Japanese fantasy art.


  • She is better-known as zemotion.
  • Zhang was named on the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2018.
  • She photographed several Asian celebrities such as Japanese musician Sugizo and the Korean singer Rain.