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The Forgotten Masters

Few weeks ago, the contemporary artist Jill Poyerd contacted me. She wanted to show me her video on women artists. Jill has a successful YouTube channel where you can find videos produced by her on art appreciation which are very inspiring. And the content quality of the video is another reason to watch it.

The Forgotten Masters is probably one of the best videos I watched on women artists. It is an introduction to the most important female artists on Art History, in it Jill explains the reasons why were so difficult to a woman be successful as an artist, as well as she talks a bit about the most successful women artists of history as Morisot, Fontana, Gentileschi, Anguissola, Sirani, Kauffmann, etc.

She also included female artists less known as Amrita Sher-Gil or Uemura Shoen, names that are often forgotten because they’re not European.

I highly recommend it to all art lovers!

Here it is the link to Jill’s YouTube channel; in case you liked this one and want to watch more of her videos.

2 thoughts on “The Forgotten Masters”

  1. Excellent video – it is no wonder woman artists were/are side-lined in male-dominated societies. I wonder if they were higher profile in female dominated societies? Maybe Ancient Crete? Or other Asian societies?

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    1. Thanks for commenting and for asking interesting questions. I’d love to know the answer, or at least where I could find it.


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