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To Each Concrete Man by Ree Morton

To Each Concrete Man is an art installation created by American visual artist Ree Morton. She’s closely associated with the postminimalist and feminist art movements of the 1970’s. This installation was created in 1974 to be displayed at the Whitney Museum of New York. Since 2016 this art installation is on display at the Museum Reina Sofía in Madrid, Spain.

This installation was created using everyday materials and found objects that calls upon the viewer to enter the work and to explore the notion of space and the relationship between body and object.  It is an installation that invites the visitor to walk through it, to feel comfortable, as if it were in their own home. It transmits a sense of belonging, one enters and no longer wants to leave.

To Each Concrete Man (detail) – Photo by Natasha Moura at Museo Reina Sofía

About the title

Morton explained that the title draws inspiration from the thinking of Spanish writer Miguel de Unamuno, who upheld the creed of ideophobia. You don’t have to venerate ideas or blindly follow them. Y need, or should, use them, like a pair of shoes. You’ve got to subject them to and integrate them into your own life, into your own reality. Not in a general and abstract sense of life, but in the life of each individual of flesh and blood (each concrete man).

I fell completely in love with this art installation! Highly recommended!