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Where are the kisses?

Today is Valentine’s day and my first idea for today’s post was create a little gallery with images of romantic love created by women artists. I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be. In my research I could see that women artists didn’t express romantic love usually in their work.

Very often we can find images of love between mothers and their children, friends, siblings, but romantic love is not that easy to find. But what surprised me the most was the absence of kisses in their works, especially because in our occidental culture, the kiss is closely related to a demonstration of affection and as symbol of true love.

love's messenger - 1885
Love’s messenger by Marie Spartali Stilman (1885)

There are beautiful paintings of ladies receiving a love letter, as the one by Marie Spartali Stilman or even two lovers together, a hug, but this image of a romantic kiss between two lovers, so common in art, is almost nonexistent.

Portrait of the Artist’s daughter with a Lover by Marevna
Lovers by Toyen

Some kisses by women artists

Lovers by Dana Schutz (2003)


Lover’s labor by Miriam Schapiro (1991)
Lovers (a.k.a. Am I Faris) by Rosalyn Drexler (1963)
Kiss me stupid by Rosalyn Drexler (1964)

Happy Valentine’s day!



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