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ArtExhibition: All Variations Are Valid, Including this One

The new exhibition of Esther Ferrer in Madrid is very innovative. It’s a journey through her artistic career but more than this it’s a biographical exhibition, because all her works respond to an intimate thought, mood or interest.

Esther Ferrer

I think art is the only space of freedom that I have”

Esther Ferrer is a Spanish contemporary artist. She was awarded with several prizes as the national fine arts prize in Spain, the Marie Claire prize in France and the Prix Velázquez.

She is a pioneer of the performance in Spain and a visual artist, her works include: photographs, installations, pictures based on the series of prime numbers or Pi, objects, self-portraits, etc. She uses repetition and chance to improve her work, creating variations that led to unpredictability.

The exhibition

This exhibition All variations are valid, including this one (Todas las variaciones son válidas, incluida esta) presents the issues and key aspects of her work as the mobilisation and transformation of the body or the visibility of the creative process in time and space.

The works are presented without a chronological discourse which makes possible surprising connections between the different works (installations, series of visual projects, videos, photographs).

Photo credit: Natasha Moura
Photo credit: Natasha Moura
Photo credit: Natasha Moura

Practical information

The exhibition is organised by Museum Reina Sofía. – Place: Palacio de Velázquez, Parque del Retiro (Madrid-Spain). October 26, 2017 – February 25, 2018.