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La Fée aux Choux by Alice Guy

La Fée aux Choux or The Fairy of the Cabbages in English, is the first film of film director Alice Guy. And one of the earliest narrative films of fiction.

Historical facts

According to may film historians La Fée aux Choux was made in April of 1896, probably it was made before the first fiction film of Méliès, but after L’Arrouseur Arrosé by brothers Lumière (December 1895).

The film is almost 60 seconds long, possibly the first film with a running time of almost one minute.


La Fée aux Choux is based on an old popular French fairytale, according to it baby boys are born in cabbages and baby girls in roses.

In a garden, a fairy looks at huge cabbages. She emerges magically one, then two newborns who fidget, then a third figured by a doll, which are successively deposited on the ground; thereby giving credence to the legend of French folklore that little boys are born in cabbages and little girls in the roses.

The Film

Techical Information

  • Title: La Fée aux Choux (The Fairy of the Cabbages)
  • Writer: Alice Guy
  • Director: Alice Guy
  • Production co: Société L. Gaumont et compagnie
  • Colour: Black and White
  • Country: France
  • Public Domain


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  1. There has been more recent research on this film: actually I believe there were three films and the one described above was the 1900 version. There’s a new book: La Feé Aux Choux, Alice Guy’s Garden of Dreams available on Amazon, itunes, Barnes & Noble, etc. Also, see my illustrated posts on FB at Janelle Dietrick, JJ Dietrick and La Fée aux Choux.

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment and all the information, I really appreciate it. As you can see this is an old post, I wrote it a year ago.


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