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Polka dots

The Japanese artist and writer, Yayoi Kusama, she is well-known for the polka dots motifs of her works. She has worked in a wide variety of media that includes painting, collage, soft sculpture, performance art, environmental installations in most of them she exhibits her interest in psychedelic colours, repetition and pattern.

She’s a precursor of the pop-art, minimalist and feminist art movements. In 1957 she moved to New York, there she produced a series of paintings influenced by the abstract expressionism movement. During the next years she switched to sculpture and installations as primary media becoming a fixture of New York avant-garde movement, it was when she became associated to the pop art movement.

Today she is acknowledged as one of the most important living artists.

In 2013, Martin Rietti, Argentinian director visited Kusama at her studio in Tokyo and made a short video that was presented at the Malba Auditorium during the official opening of “Yayoi Kusama. Infinite Obsession” a retrospective exhibition of her work that took place in Buenos Aires and it was the first major retrospective in Latin America.


    • She influenced some of her contemporaries such as Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg.
    • She usually says that if she doesn’t paint she wouldn’t exist.